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Organizational structures

Virtual teams, sometimes referred to as geographically dispersed teams, are groups of individuals working together separated by distance, time, and organizational boundaries. The emergence of virtual teams was made possible by the advance of communication technologies. Nowadays people belonging to different time zones, locations, and organizational structures can effectively cooperate on a joint task by […]

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Contrast managerial practices employed

The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast managerial practices employed at FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen. The focus of this paper is on work groups/teams, leadership, communication processes. The aforementioned concepts are of paramount importance for the effective management of any company. In a work group/team, people are likely to have […]

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The areas of employment

In my view affirmative action is a remedy to deal with problems such as discrimination against hiring of women, minorities, discriminating against religion and personal beliefs or even sexual orientation. According to certain research, “Affirmative action” means the positive measures implemented to increase women and minority representation in the areas of employment. (Philosophy, 2001). I […]

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Replication & cells

More frequently cancer would arise from cells that replicate, grow or divide faster, as errors during replication could simple occur more often. Also failure to segregate chromosomes properly during the process of mitosis can occur more often in faster dividing cells that in cells that dive slowly. For this reason cancers are more common in […]

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Role Of Financial And Managerial Accounting

Financial accounting pertains the preparation of an organization’s financial statements. The role of financial accounting therefore is to come up with information that can help the users of financial statements in making decisions. Some of these users include employees, shareholders, suppliers and financial Institutions. Managerial accounting on the other hand aims at providing information that […]

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Globalization & organizations

Much has changed with Globalization. With globalization, organizations are no more bounded by geographical boundaries. This presents today’s management with both opportunities and challenges they never experienced before. Companies like Exxon-Mobile are earning upto 75 percent of their revenues from sales outside the United States. While other companies such as Finland based Nokia is increasingly […]

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Organizational Commitment

At FMC Aberdeen with a family-oriented culture employees are more likely to be committed. By giving the employees the chance to participate in decision making (be self-directed) Aberdeen captures the hearts of its people and in this way they are able to stay at the organization (Cohen, 1993). FMC Green River sees that increasing employees’ […]

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FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River

FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River are two companies in different locations in United States i. e. Dakota and Wyoming respectfully which have some similarities and differences in the nature of their businesses, type of customers, size and scope, and even organizational culture. For instance FMC Aberdeen is a recent start-up company, smaller than FMC […]

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The total costs of production

The total costs of production of producing a certain good is determined by the sum of its variable and fixed costs. The said two type of cost depends on the level of sales volume. There are instances that in the long run, variable costs becomes fixed costs. Like when the company agreed to pay the […]

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Corporate Culture

The ability of an organization in obtaining established goals and objectives is well sought in the idea that an organization connotes a “group” hence composed with individuals with specific job descriptions. In every organization, the issue on conflict and communication is but considered as vital fields which requires major analysis on the following areas: the […]

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